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Vibration analysis monitoring VSHOOTER«+-3-WL - Synergys Technologies

The VSHOOTER®+-3-WL from Synergys Technologies is the ideal equipment for predictive maintenance of rotating machines.
This is a vibration analyzer that works with a wireless triaxial sensor and a rugged smartphone which has on-board data processing software.
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With it you will be able to quickly find vibration defects in rotating machines such as:
  • Electric motors, pumps, fans, rolling bearings or even machine tool spindles.
  • In addition, the wireless triaxial sensor will allow you to make only one measurement for analyze the 3 axes of vibrations;
  • This one aim to provide the data necessary for the software to analyze your rotating machine in detail.
The VSHOOTER®+-3-WL software has a special MCP (Machine Condition Picture) program, it will automatically measure and diagnose dangerous machine vibrations like misalignment, foundation/loosening issues, bearing faults or still the unabalance[MV1] .
Finally, a colored severity indicator will be displayed after taking the measurement to see what the problem is.
  • High quality wired 100 mV/g ICP&IEPE sensor with strong magnet;
  • Overall RMS values - FFT spectrum - Time signal - Trend curve - T°;
  • Li-Ion battery with 6 hours autonomy;
  • Embedded IR thermal camera (160x120 FLIR Lepton);
  • Embedded 5 MP digital visible camera;
  • BALISHOOTER® firmware for severity checking of only;
  • Unbalance or Misalignment defaults;
  • Reporting capabilities with PC via USB;
  • Stereo headphone output.

  • Bluettooth;
  • Compact solution;
  • Large autonomy;
  • Rugged & Waterproof.
  • Maintenance.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Synergys Technologies in Portugal.
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