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Vibration analysis monitoring VSHOOTER«+ - Synergys Technologies

The new unique Auto Vibration Analyzer VSHOOTER+®, from Synergys Technologies, is able to easily and quickly analyze rotating machine like an electrical motor, or a pump, or a fan, or a bearing housing, or a spindle.
Take a photo, do the measurements and get the MCP (Machine Condition Picture) to see the machine condition, if maintenance is needed at a glance. Quick, easy to use, with automatic auto diagnosis system for beginners and experts.
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The big advantage of this vibrometer is its special dedicated MCP (Machine Condition Picture) firmware, VSHOOTER+® from Synergys Technologies automatically diagnoses the machine excessive vibration
causes like the Unbalance, the Misalignment, the Looseness, the Bearing lubrication….
The MCP result is given around the machine picture (embedded visible camera) with an Easy-to-Understand summary table with all vibration problems and color indications.
VSHOOTER+® from Synergys Technologies measures vibration Trending Overall values (ISO RMS-Bearing-T°), FFT spectrums values and Time Signal values.
Of course, you can store all the measurement data in the memory, so that it can be downloaded onto a PC to create your own reports.
  • Machine Condition Picture (MCP) at a glance;
  • High quality wired 100 mV/g ICP&IEPE sensor with strong magnet;
  • Overall RMS values | FFT spectrum | Time signal | Trend curve | Tº;
  • Li-Ion battery with 6 hours autonomy;
  • Embedded IR thermal camera;
  • Embedded 5 MP digital visible camera;
  • Auto analysis capabilities.
  • Large 5.7” touch screen;
  • Infrared thermal camera LEPTON FLIR 160X120px;
  • Reporting capabilities with PC via USB.
  • Electrical motors bearings;
  • Fans with bearings;
  • Power and energy substations and transforming points where it can happen the Corona effect on partial discharge;
  • Tightness and sealing inspections.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Synergys Technologies in Portugal.
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