Datalogger industrial multichannel FieldLogger - Novus

FieldLogger is a module for reading and recording analog, digital and other variables, with great speed and resolution. It is a high performance and connectivity device, but easy to operate and configure. It allows various types of visualization, registration and information processing. It can also be used as an analog + digital I/O expansion for PLC's in monitoring and control applications.


Datalogger multichannel IoT LogBox – Novus

The LogBox is a multichannel IoT data logger, which offers various types of connectivity and data acquisition for any type of application.
Wireless communication, great autonomy and flexibility for various types of sensors are the main features of the LogBox. Its large display and easy installation complement its attributes. Configuration and access to data can be done by mobile device or computer.

Depending on the model, we can have Wi-Fi, 3G / 2G or Bluetooth connection. It has 3 analog inputs (2 for the 3G / 2G model) and a digital one, which can function as a pulse counter or event recorder.

Portable measuring system thermoCOR - Jumo

thermoCOR is Jumo’s portable temperature measurement system for the AMS2750 and CQI-9 standards.
thermoCOR is a portable temperature measurement system designed for the execution of SAT (System Accuracy Tests) and TUS (Temperature Uniformity Surveys) tests, according to the AMS2750 (aeronautical industry) and CQI-9 (automotive industry). The thermoCOR is DAkkS certified.

At its core is a high precision cold junction, the equipment has up to 12 configurable inputs for thermocouple and 4 universal inputs that allow the connection of RTD probes or pressure sensors.

Recorder Logoscreen 601 - Jumo

The Logoscreen 601 is Jumo's new highly scalable process recorder, which is characterized by intuitive operation based on icons and process visualization that makes it very easy to use.


Recorder Logoscreen 700 - Jumo

The Logoscreen 700 is the new highly scalable Jumo process recorder.
The Jumo Logoscreen 700 paperless recorder features an intuitive icon-based operation and visualization concept that makes operation easier. Several versions of Jumo Logoscreen 700 are available for process data recording. The high level of scalability allows a flexible adaptation to the various customer requirements: from the logger version without input (120 process values ​​via interface) to different versions of registers with up to 18 universal analogue inputs, 3 analogue outputs, 18 digital inputs, 24 individually selectable digital inputs/outputs and 7 relay outputs. The FDA compliant data recording version meets all requirements in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Temperature data logger TagTemp NFC LCD - Novus

The Novus TagTemp NFC LCD is a portable electronic temperature data logger with local temperature indication. Compact and robust, for refrigerated products transport and storage applications.
The TagTemp NFC LCD internally records temperature values that can later be downloaded via a smartphone application using NFC or via NFC interface for connection to a computer (not included).

Temperature data logger TagTemp Stick - Novus

Novus TagTemp Stick is a portable, compact and robust electronic temperature data logger for transport and storage applications of refrigerated and frozen products.
The TagTemp Stick dispenses the use of cables for configuring and collecting data. The USB plug allows a direct connection to a computer with Windows® to communicate with the application LogChart II, the configuration and analysis software for all loggers in the TagTemp family.
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