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Relay PCI-1761 – Advantech

8-ch relay and 8-ch isolated digital input PCI card.
The PCI-1761 relay actuator and isolated D/I card is an add-on card for the PCI bus.
It provides 8 optically-isolated digital inputs with isolation protection of 3750 VDC for collecting digital inputs in noisy environments and 8 relay actuators for serving as on/off control devices or small power switches.
The PCI-1761’s eight optically-isolated digital input channels are ideal for digital input in noisy environments or with floating potentials.
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Robot horizontal type Scara – Mitsubishi Electric

The Mitsubishi RH-F series features the latest 4-axis SCARA robots, perfect for a wide range of industrial applications.
High speed and high precision are only achieved with a highly rigid arm and the latest servo control technology. RH-F Robots are prepared for a wide range of production facilities in the food and pharmaceutical industry as well as the most demanding high-speed operations for high-precision assembly applications.
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Vacuum gripper EPick – Robotiq

The EPick gripper is a vacuum gripper that generates a vacuum with an electric vacuum pump. No air supply which provide more mobility and flexibility.
Robotiq Vacuum grippers can handle a wide range of applications and are ideal for picking up uneven and even workpieces made of different materials, such as cardboard, glass, sheet metal (dry) and plastic. Because of the customizable bracket and unique air nodes, Robotiq vacuum grippers provide manufacturers full control over their gripper to make sure it’s a perfect fit for their applications.
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Vertical robot type RV-F series - Mitsubishi Electric

The RV-F series presente a highly dynamic 6-axis articulated robot with a high degree of quality and reliability.

The double arm structure not only provides an advantage in terms of freedom of movement, but also more stability and versatility. Depending on the model, the robots are prepared to withstand loads of 2 to 70 kilograms and working distances of 504 to 2055 millimeters. Working in confined spaces, and installed in the wall or ceiling, is no problem for the RV-F series.
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