Dimensioning, weighing and scanning

Measurement & Identification systems DWS - SICK

DWS – Dimensioning, weighing and barcode reading from SICK
No matter if you handle small, large, heavy or lightweight packages, SICK has a solution. The combination of weight and volume defines the freight costs of packages.

Dimensioning weighing scanning (DWS) systems from SICK automatically measure weight and volume of packages and identify them by reading 1D or 2D codes. They can be integrated in existing conveyor systems and work reliably at conveyor speeds up to 2.9 m/s. SICK’s DWS systems are complete Legal-for-Trade solutions with integrated Alibi storage, meeting the requirements of the OIML R129 and R51-1 regulations as well as the Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EG (MID).

Measurement & Identification systems DWS Pallet - SICK

Measuring and weighing pallets and other bulky freight items.
The DWS Pallet track and trace system is a reliable solution when shipping bulky freight items such as  pallets. The system helps logistics service providers such as freight forwarders, air freight service providers, and airlines detect freight for which the declaration is too low.
The freight is carried to the DWS Pallet with a forklift or pallet truck. It is then placed onto platform scales. As soon as the barcode attached to the freight item is identified using hand-held scanners, the length, width, volume, and weight of the freight is determined. A webcam can also be installed in the DWS Pallet to take a photo of the freight. Next, the data is shown on the integrated display, stored in a database, and transferred via standardized interfaces. Available upon request: special versions for larger freight items or for dynamic measurement.

Measurement & Identification systems DWS Static - SICK

Measuring size and weight for all shapes.
For the complete data capture of volume, weight and bar code information of freight for the courier, express, postal and cargo industry as well as for retail and warehousing, SICK developed the new DWS Static dimensioning weighing scanning system. The DWS510 Static uses one headed VMS510 volume measurement system and DWS520 Static is it’s big brother, using the doubleheaded VMS520 volume measurement system. Therefore it can dimension also non-cuboidal objects legal for trade, which is unique on the market for static DWS systems.
By simply pushing the scan button of the hand-held scanner, the DWS Static measures dimensions and weight of the parcel lying on the integrated roller conveyor. This data can be used for invoicing freight charges or it can be used in ERP systems to create freight documents automatically.
The system consists of the well-known VMS520 volume measurement system, a robust static scale and a hand-held bar code scanner, which are all integrated into a rugged steel frame.

Track and trace systems Master Data Analyzer - SICK

The Master Data Analyzer track-and-trace system captures the dimensions, the weight, and the bar code of objects in one step. Measuring automation light grids (MLG) enable measurements to be taken regardless of the object's reflective properties.

Track-and-Trace system - Master Data Analyzer Vision System - SICK

Fast and precise collection of master data using 3D snapshot technology.
The Master Data Analyzer Vision track-and-trace system captures the dimensions, weight as well as 1D and 2D codes of objects and creates object images in a single operation. The integrated 3D snapshot technology enables very fast recording of object dimensions with a highly precise resolution.
Thanks to the Visionary-S 3D vision sensor, it is possible to precisely collect master data within seconds and transfer that data directly to the host. The system automatically detects new objects and starts measuring – without the need for operators to intervene. The Master Data Analyzer Vision also impresses with its rugged design, simple and intuitive operation, and maintenance-free mechanism.
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