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ADT773 pressure controller / generator - Additel

Additel's new ADT773 modular pressure controller/generator with integrated pump is optimized for low pressure work, using proven low pressure pump technology in combination with control features that have revolutionized the industry. The ADT773 generates and controls pressure up to 1 bar.
The ADT773 pressure controller combines speed, cutting-edge control/measurement technology, modular design and easy-to-use features.
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Designed for users who require automatic production, testing and calibrations, the ADT773 can quickly be equipped with 2 control modules and 1 barometric reference module to cover a wide pressure range.
ADT151 pressure modules can be installed or replaced in 30 seconds or less. The cabin is simple to open and as the door opens the controller releases pressure, providing safe removal and installation of ADT151 modules. Additel offers several pressure ranges for the controller.
In the process of efficient end-of-line testing, verification and calibration the requirements are stringent on the speed of pressure controllers. ADT773 adopts professional pressure control technology to effectively improve control speed and stability. Control response time (typical) is ≤10S, control stability is <0.003%FS.

The integrated low pressure internal pump offers its users, in addition to speed, the best control and stability in its class.
The ADT773 controls up to 3 external valves. One of the channels is designated to control the contamination prevention system (CPS), which helps to prevent contamination of the medium. The remaining two can be used to control external vacuum pumps or external isolation valves for greater flexibility and compatibility in individual situations.

Calibrating DUTs (Devices Under Test) often introduces contaminants into the calibration system. Contaminants can cause restrictions in valves, lines and filters. Additel has included a turnkey solution with the ADT773 to help alleviate these concerns and improve durability and reliability when calibrating customers' devices. The use of an automatic contamination prevention system and integration firmware to allow purges between pressure cycles to further reduce the possibility of introducing contaminants into the system.
  • Pressure range -0.95 to 1 bar;
  • Two removable internal pressure modules, with multi-range selection and accuracy of 0.02% FS;
  • Control stability of 0.003%FS;
  • Ultra-fast speed pressure generation and control;
  • Optional barometric pressure module;
  • Integrated differential pressure pump;
  • Large 7" color touch screen;
  • Modular design for easy maintenance, significantly reducing on-site downtime;
  • Emulation mode.
  • Higher speed;
  • Better control;
  • Integrated pump;
  • Easy to use.
  • Calibration labs;
  • Industrial maintenance;
  • Quality and industry.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Additel in Portugal.
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