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Cable drag chain MP 560 EVOCHAIN® - Murrplastik

Murrplastik has developed a new energy chain series type EVOLINE that is unique and exclusive.
It combines the latest developments and proven qualities of previous energy chains. It is predestined for self-supporting, gliding, hanging and standing applications, as well as for long and gliding travel distances for high dynamics and workload. This intelligent and powerful system solution is outstanding in ease of assembly, durability and noise reduction.
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  • Cross bar lock system:  It is a red locking slide, with which the energy chain can be opened and closed easily and quickly. And this is also possible if the energy chain is guided in a guide channel. The advantage is a great time saving, as the energy chain does not have to be removed from the guide channel. The opening of the crossbars is also possible with mounted gliding shoes from the inside bend or with damping shoes from the outside bend. This gives us the achievement of approvals in the field of the automotive industry;
  • This new reinforced link allows to use this chain in very discerning environment and applications. High lateral acceleration, long travel distance (up to 150m with technical support)…
  • Easy to assemble with the EVOLOCK® crossbar lock system;
  • Fast tool free opening and closing of the shelving system in the inside and outside bend with the EVORACK® shelf support hinged on both sides;
  • Extremely durable noise damping system in the chain link with a specially developed elastomer;
  • Quiet and low vibration unrolling with the EVOSHOX® damping shoe;
  • Greatly extended service life with the EVOCONTROL® gliding shoe with integrated wear control indicator;
  • High service life for applications with lateral acceleration.
  • Airports;
  • Automated warehouse;
  • Laser-cutting;
  • Machine tool;
  • Ports;
  • Refinery.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Murrplastik in Portugal.
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