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Displacement measurement sensors OD7000 - SICK

The OD7000 from SICK is a chromatic confocal distance sensor. It measures distances to objects very precisely and cost effectively – regardless of their surfaces and materials. With resolution down to 25 nm, the high-performance sensor reliably detects whether surfaces are smooth, or whether objects are positioned precisely or have the desired material thickness.
Since the sensor head and control unit are separate from one another, the compact OD7000 is easy to install even in tight measurement locations. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the device can be quickly configured. Its Ethernet and RS-422 interfaces make system integration easy. The OD7000 from SICK is available in six measuring ranges and two controller types, one with triggering via an encoder signal, and one without.
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  • Scanning frequency: up to 10 kHz;
  • Scanning range: 0.6 mm, 4 mm, 10 mm;
  • Resolving power: optionally up to 25 nm, 180 nm or 400 nm;
  • Linearity: ± 198 nm, ± 1.4 μm, 4 μm;
  • RS-232 / RS422 and Ethernet interface;
  • Configuration of the controller via the OD7000 engineering tool GUI, RS-422 interface, or Ethernet interface;
  • Optional encoder input.
  • Allows precise and reliable measurement of distances and material thicknesses while being highly cost effective;
  • Distance measurement using the chromatic confocal method regardless of surface and material changes;
  • Saves space due to the compact dimensions of the control unit and sensor heads;
  • Simple configuration and system integration thanks to the easy-to-use user interface;
  • Certain variants of the sensor can use an encoder signal as a trigger for measurement data output using an integrated encoder input;
  • Excellent price/performance ratio.
  • Detection of the thickness of transparent films;
  • Measurement of glass thickness and smoothness;
  • Measurement thickness of opaque films, foils, and sheets;
  • Precise measurement of the smoothness or thickness of objects;
  • Precise positioning and measurement of components, pastes, adhesives, and machined surfaces.

F.Fonseca is the representative of the SICK in Portugal.
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