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Image-based code readers Lector85x - SICK

The Lector85x image-based code from SICK reader is designed for very high scanning performance and equally high throughput. The small camera has a resolution of up to 12 megapixels, an enormous depth of field and field of view as well as very good computing power.
For reading stations, this means a compact design as well as fewer devices and installation work. When combined with AI-based segmentation, the camera reliably identifies codes even at conveyor speeds of up to 3.5 m/s and correctly assigns the codes to objects. This guarantees efficient identification processes and significantly reduces manual rework. The Lector85x can be intuitively configured using a web server and is ready for use within a few minutes – without the need for specialist knowledge.
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  • AI-based segmentation, super resolution, multi-core CPU;
  • Large depth of field, extra-large field of view;
  • 12, 9 or 5 megapixel resolution, various lenses and illumination colors;
  • Intuitive, application-based configuration via web server;
  • Three-dimensional assignment of codes to objects;
  • 2 channels for high-speed image output.
  • High sort rate and reduction of manual rework thanks to high read rates for all objects, regardless of the code quality;
  • High-performance decoder and processor ensure high object throughput at low object distances, even at high conveyor speeds;
  • Easy commissioning in minutes thanks to intuitive, application-based configuration via web server;
  • High flexibility, even when space is limited: Wide conveying lines can be covered with just one camera, reducing the number of necessary devices and components. 
  • Efficient and flexible identification solutions for any application.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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