Barcode Readers 2D Image-based - Sick

Image-based code readers provide flexibility, high performance, convenience and simplicity.
Even at fast conveyor speeds, Sick image code readers can reliably detect and evaluate 1D, 2D, DPM (Direct Part Marking), and partially damaged codes. These readers identify markings on nearly any surface, including metal, glass, plastic or paper. Plus, different models, interfaces, and networking capabilities provide enormous application flexibility. 
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Flexible designed image-based code reader - Lector63X – Sick

Lector63x is a new member of the image-based code reader family from Sick.
The Lector63x is a 2 MP reader developed in a compact but flexible design. The optical flexibility ensures optimal setups for your needs. It reads codes at various distances and speeds, small codes at high production speeds, long-range identification or reading over wide conveyor belts.

Flexible optical design to meet your challenge
The unique design of Lector63x optical concept support usage of a wide range of lenses, from simple small S-mount lenses to high quality C-mount lenses. For all compact lenses there is a unique set of integrated but exchangeable ring lights – each perfectly fit to cover the optimum viewing angle for the different lenses. These ring lights are easy to mount without cabling and are equipped with a convenient filter holder to make it easier to switch out the filters. The optics can be covered by hoods to meet the IP67 rating.
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