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Conductive two-electrode conductivity sensor BlackLine CR-GT/-EC/-GS - JUMO

This conductivity sensor from the BlackLine family is available in versions GT, EC, and GS.

The GT version features a special graphite as the electrode material. The graphite has been especially treated to achieve - in conjunction with suitable evaluation devices – measuring ranges up to 100 mS/cm and above.
A temperature probe can optionally be integrated. The conductivity sensor with 120 mm fitting length and a shaft diameter of 12 mm can be used in combination with standard pH or redox electrodes in suitable built-in fittings. The sensor is also ideally suited for linking with handheld or laboratory measuring equipment. When used as an online sensor, suitable flow-through fittings must be employed.
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JUMO BlackLine CR-EC
The principal features of the EC version are its very compact construction and the Pt100 that is integrated as standard. With a fitting length of just 40 mm (or 63 mm), the sensors can also be screwed into pipelines with a small nominal diameter. To this end, the conductivity sensors either have a G 1/2A or 1/2"-14 thread.
The version with K = 1.0 achieves a measuring range of 0.1 to about 5000 μS/cm (5mS/cm).
Titanium pins function as the measuring electrodes here. The version with K=1.0 has been implemented as a coaxial cell and can be used to about 1000 μS/cm. Sensors with K = 0.01 cover ranges from 0.05 to 20 μS/cm. They are therefore extremely suitable for pure and high purity water applications. The electrode material for these sensors is stainless steel 1.4571.
JUMO BlackLine CR-GS glass conductivity sensors
Glass conductivity sensors are used to conductively determine the electrolytic conductivity of
aqueous solutions. The cell constant of the sensor is K = 1.0. This sensor can be supplied with an integrated Pt100 masuring insert, as an option. Versions with a Pg13.5 threaded cap can be incorporated in suitable fittings
  • Process pressure Up to 6 bar (at 25 °C);
  • Operating temperature -5 to +80 °C;
  • Pg13.5 screw-in thread.
  • Compact and robust design;
  • Inexpensive version;
  • Universal application.
  • Construction of air conditioning and cooling systems;
  • Drinking and surface water monitoring;
  • High-purity water monitoring;
  • Horticultural technology;
  • Ion exchangers and reverse osmosis plant;
  • Mildly contaminated industrial rinse and process water;
  • Sea water and fresh water aquaculture.

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