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Improved System reliability in outdoor areas - AOS Prime - Sick

The versatile AOS Prime system has been developed with the aim of preventing costly collisions. It is used in a whole host of industries, including steel works, ports and railway industry sectors of various kinds. Two application packages have been developed in order to keep damage to a minimum and, as a result, reliably enhance the availability of the container loading equipment to a considerable degree: AOS104 RTG and AOS502 STS.
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Laser scanner TiM5xx - Sick

More than simple object detection: The TiM5xx 2D laser scanner is a noncontact ranging solution within the TiM series from Sick. Thanks to its HDDM technology (High Definition Distance Measurement), the TiM5xx monitors large areas in indoor and outdoor applications
– regardless of the surface or ambient light. Enclosed in a compact, rugged housing, the TiM5xx provides accurate measurements of the scanned surface, making it possible to determine additional information such as the size and shape of objects. The TiM5xx can
be used in variety of industrial applications as well as in building automation.

The integrated Ethernet interface makes easy implementation and remote maintenance
possible. The TiM5xx is an efficient solution for stationary use as well as for use on automated guided vehicles (AGV) and other mobile applications. 
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Laser Scanners TiM1xx - Sick

Sensor for area monitoring: small, simple, cost-effective
Whether your application involves picking up the presence of an object in a specific area (detection) or determining its exact position (ranging), the LiDAR sensors in the TiM series are a highly efficient solution for both tasks.
Laser scanner TiM1xx from Sick is a small, simple, cost-effective laser scanner for a wide variety of area-monitoring applications. It is the starter model of the 2D LiDAR sensors from SICK and opens up new application possibilities with its compact design.
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Laser Scanners – Sick

The measuring laser scanners have a special position in the Sick product portfolio. Based on the Time of Flight (TOF) technology, these scanners are able to measure distances and profiles of the target objects.

Using the TOF scanners, Sick provides solutions throughout the world. Even the most demanding applications are being served: anti-collision for large harbor cranes, automatic plane parking, vehicle classification in free-flow traffic, guidance and protection of autonomous vehicles, anti-intrusion in building security, people counting in crowded public areas.
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