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ADT793 pressure controller - Additel

The new Additel 793 Pneumatic Pressure Generator/Controller combines the latest control/measurement technology, modular design, and easy-to-use and maintain features into one user-friendly device. The ADT793 controls and generates pressure up to 1000 bar.
For users who need automated production, testing and calibration, Additel covers the workload with this pressure controller. The ADT793 accepts an ADT151 dual range pressure module in addition to an atmospheric pressure module. This allows the user to quickly cover a wide range of pressures.
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Additel's 151 Pressure Control Modules can be installed or replaced in 30 seconds or less. The cabin has an easy opening. As the door opens, the controller will automatically release pressure, providing safe removal and installation of ADT151 modules. Additel offers five different pressure ranges for the ADT793 controller. Select from 1000 bar (15.000 psi), 700 bar (10.000 psi), 400 bar (6.000 psi), 350 bar (5.000 psi) or 200 bar (3.000 psi) with a variety of accuracies to meet application requirements.

Additel's 151 Pressure Modules were designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind and can be easily changed as needed to meet changing needs and workloads. The higher pressure ADT151 modules cover two separate pressure ranges and come with individual calibrations for each range. This allows each module to accurately cover a wide range of pressure workloads. Additionally, each ADT151 is available in 3 different accuracy levels (0.02% FS, 0.01% FS and 0.01% read) to meet the demanding needs of our customers.
In the process of testing, checking and calibrating the production line efficiently and quickly, users have strict requirements on the speed of pressure controllers. The ADT793 adopts professional control technology to effectively improve the control rate and stability: control response time (typical) ≤30 seconds, control stability (typical) ≤± (0.003~0.005)%FS, refer to the specifications for more details.

High-volume, high-pressure calibration work can quickly consume labour resources, which can increase hands-on time and can be a nuisance to laboratory personnel. The ADT793 supports switching between internal and external liquid storage tanks, allowing users to quickly connect the large capacity external liquid tank, saving time and work.
Calibrating DUTs (Devices Under Test) often introduces contaminants into the calibration system. Contaminants can cause restrictions in valves, lines and filters. Additel has included a ready-to-use solution with the ADT793 to help alleviate these concerns and improve durability and reliability when calibrating customers' devices. The use of an automatic contamination prevention system and integration firmware allows purges between pressure cycles to further reduce the possibility of introducing contaminants into the system.
  • Maximum pressure control range up to 1000 bar;
  • Interchangeable pressure module;
  • Oil and water versions available;
  • Accuracy of 0.02%FS, 0.01%FS or 0.01%RD;
  • Dual range from -1 ~ 200 bar to 0 ~ 1000 bar;
  • Control stability 0.005% FS;
  • Ultra-high-speed pressure generation and control;
  • No external pressure source required;
  • Control using internal or external pressure modules;
  • Contamination Prevention System (CPS) (optional);
  • LAN, USB, RS232 and Ethernet communication;
  • External reservoir support;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Emulation mode.
  • Higher speed;
  • Better control;
  • Integrated pump;
  • Easy to use.
  • Calibration labs;
  • Industrial maintenance;
  • Quality and industry.

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