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Motion detector IS 3360 - Steinel

With far-sightedness. And all-round vision.
Higher, further, faster. Infrared motion detector IS 3360 for indoors and out, ideal for watching over high spaces and large areas, such as multi-storey and underground car parks, installation height up to 4 m, 360° angle of coverage, reach 20 m max. (tangential), large terminal compartment for easy installation, heavy-duty relay for high switching capacity. Available either in round or square surface-mounted and concealed version.
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Large spaces, multi-storey car parks and production buildings with ceiling heights of up to 4 m rarely provide installation surfaces every metre. These environments call for motion detectors with a long reach. Like the IS 3360. It detects any tangential movement within an all-round radius of 20 metres. Even installed at heights of up to 4 metres. In short: one IS 3360 covers an area of more than 1000 m²! STEINEL Infrared technology that keeps its promises.


Surface mounted/square (65x95x95 mm)

COM1 010478
PF 010515
DALI 010560
KNX 011635
LiveLink 049362

Concealed/square (78x94x94 mm)
COM1 033460
PF 033491
DALI 033514
KNX 033545
LiveLink 049393

Surface mounted/round (65xØ126 mm)
COM1 033446
PF 033477
DALI 033507
KNX 033538
LiveLink 049386

Concealed/round (78xØ124mm)
COM1 033453
PF 033484
DALI 033521
KNX 033552
LiveLink 049393
Power supply, COM1 / PF / DALI 220 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Sensor type passive infrared​​​​​​​
Installation indoors and outdoors/ Ceiling​​​​​​​
Recommended installation height 2.50 - 4.00 m​​​​​​​
Output, COM1 max. 2000 W​​​​​​​
Output PF no SELV, max. 10 A, 240 V AC / 24 V DC, min. 100 mA, 12 V AC/DC​​​​​​​
Output, DALI 1x 2-conductor DALI control line /broadcast for 30 electronic ballasts​​​​​​​
Angle of coverage 360° with 180° angle of aperture​​​​​​​
Reach max. 20 m tangential; temperature-stabilised​​​​​​​
Sensor system 11 detection levels, 1416 switching zones​​​​​​​
Twilight setting 2 – 1000 lx​​​​​​​
Teach function for twilight setting Yes
Time setting COM1 / PF 5 sec - 15 min, pulse mode (approx. 2 sec)​​​​​​​
Manual override selectable, 4 h​​​​​​​
IP rating concealed installation: IP20 / surface-mounted installation: IP54​​​​​​​

  • 5 years warranty;
  • All interfaces: relay; potential free; KNX; DALI; LiveLink;
  • Programming via remote control or via Smart Remote.
  • Multi-storey car parks;
  • Warehouse spaces.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Steinel in Portugal.
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