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Level sensors GRF18S - SICK

The GRF18S, from SICK, is a compact optical level switch which is characterized mainly by its extremely simple commissioning.
The proven technology of the energetic photoelectric proximity sensor from SICK is the foundation for the sensor. This allows for easy, rugged and reliable sensor construction. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel 1.4404 and polysulfone as well as the housing design in enclosure rating IP69, the GRF18S guarantees high process reliability, even under harsh ambient conditions outside the tank. Quick and problem-free commissioning, without medium calibration, reduces not only commissioning costs, but also maintenance. Due to the optical technology, the GRF18S is particularly well-suited for water-based media.
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  • Rugged fill level measurement in fluid media;
  • Small, compact design; no medium calibration required;
  • Process temperature up to 55 °C, process pressure up to 20 bar;
  • IP67 and IP69 enclosure rating;
  • Process connection G ½;
  • Highly medium resistant due to stainless steel housing 1.4404, polysulfone apex;
  • Output available as PNP or NPN transistor;
  • FDA compliant, UL.
  • Small, compact sensor ideal for difficult installation conditions with limited space;
  • Quick commissioning without medium calibration saves time and money;
  • No moving mechanical parts reduce maintenance and eliminate the need to recalibrate, even after long periods of use.
  • Dry-run protection for pumps;
  • Level monitoring, in particular in watery and water-based fluids;
  • Level monitoring in rinsing units of cleaning systems.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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