Fluid sensors

Bulkscan® LMS511 sensor - SICK

Non-contact and maintenance-free measurement of volume flow.
The Bulkscan® LMS511 uses time-of-flight laser technology to provide non-contact volume flow measurements on conveyor belts. No matter what kind of bulk materials are involved or how bad weather conditions are, the multi-echo technology allows the Bulkscan® LMS511 sensor, from SICK, to generate a reliable volume flow signal using the laser's time of flight and the belt speed.

Electronic pressure sensor PAC50 - SICK

Turns pressure into colors.
For improved monitoring of air pressure, the PAC50 electronic pressure switch from SICK offers more at a glance – the large bi-color display allows you to identify from a distance if the pressure falls within the target range. Three large function keys and intuitive menu navigation make operating the PAC50 easy.


Float level monitor NMF - Kobold

When solids need precision!
The best choice for an economical level monitoring solution of bulk goods in storage vessels. The NMF Kobold float level monitor indicates the full and empty states, detecting the load demand for dusty, powdery, granulated and grainy bulk goods.

Float level switch for liquids NAB - Kobold

The Kobold level switch model NAB is ideally suited for the level monitoring of liquids and for direct pump control by means of a mechanical switch with very high switch capacity 20 (8) A at 250 VAC. The NAB comprises a stable plastic housing made of polypropylene (PP) with neoprene cable of optional 3 or 10 m of length.

Float level switch for liquids NEC - Kobold

The Kobold level switches of model NEC have been developed for level monitoring of liquids and for direct pump control for all industrial applications. The float is supplied with a mechanical microswitch with very large switching capacity.
The NEC comprises a stable plastic housing made of polypropylene with a total of five cavities sealed back-to-back. The instruments are thus practically unsinkable even when physically damaged.

Float level switch LNM - Kobold

Level detection in every position!
By creating a microwave field, this device detects the individual fill level, even in condensate or foaming media. It works reliably in conductive and non-conductive media, and it’s possible to install it regardless of position.


Float transducer-reed chain series MM - Kobold

Kobold level sensors/transmitters are used for continuous level indication and monitoring of all types of liquids. It is based on the float principle with magnetic transmission in a 3-wire potentiometer circuit. Its simple design with only one moving part, the float, makes the transmitter particularly reliable. A range of sensors in different materials and designs, and with different connections, are available for measured-value acquisition.

FTMg flow sensors with energy measurement - SICK

The FTMg energy consumption flow meter measures gas flow and temperature, as well as process pressure and energy consumption, with only one sensor – making it a cost-saving multi-talent.
With high measurement dynamics and reduced pressure loss, it measures non-corrosive gases – such as argon, helium, carbon dioxide and nitrogen – and compressed air with extreme efficiency.

Hydrostatic level sensor - LFH – SICK

The level probe LFH, from SICK, is a robust pressure transmitter for continuous level measurement. 

The liquid column above the probe creates a hydrostatic pressure which is a direct indicator for the liquid level. Through its permanently connected 
cable the LFH is submerged into the liquid to be monitored. Thus, the container wall does not need to be disturbed to fit a level sensor.

Level sensor LFP cubic TDR– SICK

LFP Cubic – Flexible up to the probe tip!
The LFP Cubic from SICK is a level sensor that uses TDR technology (time domain reflectometry) and thus can be used in oil- and water-based liquids without calibration. 

The LFP’s guided radar uses time-offlight technology to measure electromagnetic pulses. The time difference between the sent pulse and the reflected pulse is used to calculate the level, both as a continuous value (analog output) and a freely position able switching point (switching output). Due to its flexible probe that can be changed or cut, it is possible to integrate the sensor quickly into any application. The LFP Cubic can work in deposit-forming and foaming liquids. The sensor’s intuitive setup uses four buttons and a display to ensure quick and easy adaptation to the application. 
In addition to the discrete and analog output signals, an IO-Link interface is available to transmit additional valuable process data to the control unit.

Level sensor TDR for food & beverage industry - LFP Inox – SICK

The LFP from SICK is a hygienic level sensor for liquids using TDR technology – a process for determining the time of flight of electromagnetic waves.

The time difference between the sent pulse and the reflected pulse is used to generate a level signal, both as a continuous value (analog output) and a freely positionable switching point (switching output). The use of robust FDA-compliant materials like stainless steel in an EHEDG-certified design means that the LFP guarantees optimal, unrestricted cleaning, even for the highest hygiene requirements. Its modular connection system allows simple and flexible installation in any application. Thanks to high temperature and pressure resistance, unrestricted use is possible under CIP and SIP conditions. The communication capability via IO-Link to the superordinate control units rounds off the profile.

Level sensors - Vibration LFV / LBV - SICK

Liquid and bulk solid measurement - continuous and up-to-date just like liquid levels.

For stocking, tank content, storage capacities or automated disposal, we offer modern technology for small and large measuring tasks. Laser, guided microwave (TDR), ultrasound, hydrostatic measurement up to the electromechanical option: measure liquid levels reliably with our measuring devices.

Level sensors CFP Cubic – SICK

The level sensors CFP Cubic from SICK is a capacitive level sensor for taking continuous level, limit, and simultaneous temperature measurements. Thanks to intelligent MCiM technology (multi-capacitive intra-probe measuring), the CFP Cubic measures media over the entire length of the probe – irrespective of the container material and without the need for additional accessories.

Medium calibration is not necessary. The probe’s plastic surface prevents deposits and ensures high resistance to aggressive media. The sensor’s intuitive setup uses a guided menu to ensure quick and easy adaptation to the measuring task. IO-Link allows the process data to be integrated into an automation network.

Level sensors GRF18S - SICK

The GRF18S, from SICK, is a compact optical level switch which is characterized mainly by its extremely simple commissioning.
The proven technology of the energetic photoelectric proximity sensor from SICK is the foundation for the sensor. This allows for easy, rugged and reliable sensor construction. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel 1.4404 and polysulfone as well as the housing design in enclosure rating IP69, the GRF18S guarantees high process reliability, even under harsh ambient conditions outside the tank. Quick and problem-free commissioning, without medium calibration, reduces not only commissioning costs, but also maintenance. Due to the optical technology, the GRF18S is particularly well-suited for water-based media.

Level sensors LFC - SICK

The LFC capacitive level from SICK switch is a flexible, simple and cost-effective solution for point level measurement in fluid media.
When measuring containers or for dry-run protection in piping, the LFC from SICK features particularly high performance. The level switch is easy to install and is characterized by a compact design and long service life. It is also very easy to clean. The sensor can be parameterized for almost any media by means of IO-Link. Its EHEDG and 3-A certified hygienic design and the option of using it at process temperatures up to +135 °C also make it very suitable for CIP and SIP applications. The LFC can easily display or blank foam and deposits.

PAD Differential pressure sensor - Kobold

Differences in control.
High flexibility and reliability are the important characteristics of the PAD differential pressure sensor from Kobold. This reliable measuring instrument is just as suited to recording absolute and differential pressure as it is to measuring filling levels and flow rates.
A multitude of measuring ranges from -1 to over 400 bar and the overpressure models up to 750 bar provide solutions for a wide range of applications.

PAS Pressure sensors - Kobold

Where pressure prevails.
The Kobold pressure sensor model PAS is a microprocessor-based high performance transmitter which has a flexible pressure calibration and a flexible output signal. It has an automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process variables. A communication with the instrument and a configuration of various parameters is possible via the HART® protocol. All data of sensor is to be input, modified and stored in an EEPROM.

The PAS pressure transmitters enable a precise monitoring of absolute and gauge pressures. The devices available with different measuring ranges between –1...1,5 bar and 0...600 bar, can be used for a multitude of applications.

Pressure sensor PBT – SICK

A genuinely talented all-rounder!
The PBT is a universal electronic pressure transmitter used in general industrial applications for pressure measurement of liquid and gaseous fluids.

Suitable for standard measuring applications in machine and plant engineering, pressure control systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, etc., it supports a wide variety of configurations, and can thus provide the perfect match for individual customer requirements. Its precise and rugged measurement technology, compact dimensions, and quick and simple installation set the pressure sensor PBT, from SICK, apart as a genuinely talented all-rounder.

Pressure sensor PFT – SICK

The flexible solution.
The PFT electronic pressure transmitter is used for the precision measurement of pressures in liquids and gases. Distinguished by its high-quality measurement technology, the device is well suited to solve demanding measurement tasks in industrial applications.

Designs with extended temperature range, enhanced measurement accuracy, or flush-mounted membrane open up a wide range of applications. Its vast configurability ensures the pressure sensor PFT from SICK can perfectly suit the most diverse customer requirements.

Pressure switch PBS Hygienic – SICK

The electronic pressure switch PBS Hygienic has been designed for use in the food and beverage industry.
The wetted parts are gap-free and have no dead spaces. Their high-quality stainless steel surfaces are smooth and easy to clean. The highly resistant stainless steel membrane is welded to the hygienic process connection without gaps or edges. The device is designed for CIP and SIP processes. This enables safe hygienic operation in conjunction with optimized system availability.

SicWave LBR level sensors - SICK

Simply brilliant level measurement in bulk materials with 80 GHz radar from SICK.
The LBR SicWave free-space radar makes continuous level measurements and works with all solids.
It is highly resistant to external interference, dust or deposits. Thanks to its non-contact 80 GHz radar technology, the LBR SicWave can be put into operation easily and is maintenance-free.

SicWave LFR level sensors - SICK

Simply brilliant level measurement in liquids with 80 GHz radar from SICK.
The LFR SicWave free-space radar makes continuous level measurements and works with all liquids.
The LFR SicWave free-space radar makes continuous level measurements and works with all liquids. It is highly resistant to external interference, foam or deposits. Thanks to its non-contact 80 GHz radar technology, the LFR SicWave can be put into operation easily and is maintenance-free.

Temperature sensor TBS – SICK

The TBS temperature switch is easy to use and has a rugged design. It is designed for temperature measurement and monitoring of operating liquids, such as hydraulic oils, coolant lubricants and cleaning liquids in machine building and manufacturing.
With up to two binary outputs and one analog output, it can be used in many applications. A large, well legible display and three pushbuttons facilitate setup. The intuitive menu navigation and display use familiar and standardized features and programming. The switching state of the binary outputs is displayed by highly visible LEDs. During installation, the TBS is uniquely flexible due to its two rotation locations. It is possible to rotate the display and the process connection independently of the sensor body, ensuring both clean cable layout and that the display is facing the user. Temperature measurement is done using a Pt1000 element that is located in the tip of the stainless steel probe.

Temperature sensor TBT – SICK

The TBT is a universal purpose Pt100 resistance thermometer with a splash-proof die-cast aluminum housing for the temperature measurement in liquids and gases. It can be adapted to specific applications through its various available process connections and insertion lengths.
The TBT is available with various connection threads, with or without compression fittings. Wetted parts are made from high-grade stainless steel 1.4571. Besides its Pt100 output signal, the TBT is available with an integrated transmitter with output signal 4 mA ... 20 mA.

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