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Variable area flowmeter glass cone UVR/UTR - Kobold

The flow meters and switches model UVR and UTR for liquids and air operate on suspended float principle: that is, the installation position is vertical and the direction of flow is from bottom to top.

The instruments have been designed as simple and thus economical measuring systems. The float for UVR and UTR is a bomb from float, whereby the indication point is the top of float. The appliance is available with or without needle valve as well.
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Volume flow measuring devices FLOWSIC100 - Sick

Volume flow measuring devices for continuous emission monitoring.

With diverse volume flow measuring devices Sick provides solutions for a wide variety of measuring tasks - from calculating volume flows in processes, custody transfer applications in natural gas industry, environmental monitoring of plants, on test stands in automotive industry and many others.

The product family FLOWSIC100 was designed for emission monitoring tasks. The "H" versions are suitable for stacks with large diameters and applications with high dust content. The "M" versions are especially suited for stacks with medium diameter. The ultrasonic transducers of the "PR" probe type are mounted with fixed path length on one sender/receiver unit (measuring probe). The "AC" versions have an innovative internal cooling and are suitable for gas temperatures up to 450 °C. The purged "Px" versions are used for gases with high concentrations of sticky or wet dust.
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VORTEX flow meter multivariable - Kobold

Flow with Integrated temperature and pressure measurementWith integrated temperature and pressure sensor, the DVH VORTEX flowmeter can measure mass, and can be used for energy consumption measurements.
DVH the complete new VORTEX series from Heinrichs Messtechnik has a fully welded design and requires no seals for the velocity sensor.
The velocity sensor is maintenance free, reducing service costs.
Integrated temperature and pressure measurements make this unit a real multi-talent for process conditions up to 100 bar and 400° C.

The unit doesn´t only measure the volumetric flow of liquids and gases but also calculates steam production, permitting real time mass flow measurement. Equipped with a flow-computer and a second independent temperature sensor, energy consumption can be calculated. The meter can be programmed for steam, hot water or cooling water.
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Wireless pressure transmitter Wtrans p - Jumo

This transmitter is designed for industrial use and is used in conjunction with the Wtrans receiver for fixed or portable pressure measurement in liquids or gases.

The measured values are transmitted wirelessly at 868.4 MHz and viewed on the receiver and available via the RS485 interface in digital format or at analog output with the usual electrical signals. Optionally, alarms associated with 2 output relays can be created in the receiver.
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