Motion detectors - Steinel

Intelligent lighting control. Individually tailored.
Infrared or high-frequency – with Steinel Professional, intelligence is built in as standard
Steinel range of motion detectors covers the entire spectrum of demand in professional applications: versatile and system-based – cleverly designed and practical to use.
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Motion Detectors 3000 series - Steinel

The right detector for any application.
With all interfaces for even greater flexibility.
Always the right choice for your application.
Available in 4 designs, the 3000-series sensors are the perfect match for your surroundings. Whether round or square, surface mounted or concealed, you are always sure to find the right sensor from the 3000 series.
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Photoelectric lighting controller NightMatic - Steinel

Intelligent lighting control.
Steinel NightMatic photo-electric lighting controllers for indoors and out, ideal for illuminating shop windows, advertising and specific areas through the night, switches light 'ON' and 'OFF in relation to ambient brightness. It has a unique night economy mode and heavy-duty relay for high switching capacity.
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Presence detectors – Steinel

High-resolution and sensitive.
Steinel Professional – true Presence Detectors

An all-new generation of sensor technology: Control PRO System
Steinel have taken a thorough look at the demands that are made on sensor technology today. In addition to the expectations users put on them, Steinel also devote the attention to those of planners, architects, consultants and electrical fitters. After painstakingly and exhaustively analysing the market, Steinel can meet the expectations placed on modern sensor technology with solutions tailored to every specific need.
The result: our Control PRO generation of presence detectors.
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